No Good Beatniks’ are a collective of like minded musicians who operate as a jam band with the focus on dirty grooves and distorted jazz. They play broken beats with a dancefloor vibe on vintage/analogue equipment and classic instruments.

‘Funky original music and warped covers.’ Manchester Jazz Festival

Core Members

Henry Botham (RSL, 52 Skidoo, The Nightcreatures) – Rhodes, Clavinet, Organ, Melodica, Piano, Harmonium, Clavioline, Moog

Nick Blacka (AIM, Gogo Penguin) – Bass

Rob Turner (Gogo Penguin)– Drums

Howard Jacobs (Toolshed, Homelife) – Sax, Bass Clarinet, Percussion, Drums

Stuart McCallum (Cinematic Orchestra) – Guitar

Over the past few years they have been lucky enough to perform with a multitude of superb musicians, too many to list them all but here’s some names.


Kenji Fenton (6Pak) – Sax

Billy Buckley (Wagon Train) – Guitar

Paolo Fuschi (Fuschi4, Sam Grey) – Guitar

Sam Healey (Beats and Pieces) – Sax

Anton Hunter (Beats and Pieces) – Guitar

Tom Thorpe (Mercury) – Sax

Matt Owens (Baked A La Ska) – Bass

Hugh Lawrence (The Nightcreatures) – Drums

Steve Chadwick (Sam Lee Band) – Trumpet

They were the house band for an improvised funk/groove jam at Matt and Phreds, Manchester for 2 years and they still perform regularly at the club. As well as this they’ve played at many venues and festivals throughout the UK, their favourites include Manchester Jazz Festival, Marsden Jazz Festival, Lancaster Jazz Festival, Sela Bar (Leeds), The Wardrobe (Leeds), Sandbar (Manchester), Mix-up (Manchester), Palmyra (Warrington) and many more!

Influences include John Medeski, Brian Auger, Jimi Hendrix, Thelonius Monk, The New Mastersounds, The Meters, Stanton Moore, Duke Ellington and Dr Lonnie Smith.

They have a brand new self titled album available to download  here as well as some videos you can watch above. With so much improvisation involved the songs are never performed the same way twice, new sections emerge, tangents are followed and the character of the pieces change according to who‘s in the band that night. No Good Beatniks is very much a live experience

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